Alert: TODAY IS OUR LAST DAY OF PICKING...Dave just walked the field and said "change the message". So, Today, Thursday the 28th is our last day of picking. Thanks to all of you; you are a blessing to us and we appreciate each and everyone of you. Please know that all prayer requests continue to be honored and prayed for. God bless you. Sandy and Dave. -----It's a busy time of year, with blueberries, canning and all, so I may just have to keep in touch with you by chatting about recipes, Bible study, or just general life, now that the blueberries are done! Sandy

Welcome to Blueberry Blossom Farm...

Blueberry Blossom Farm

Blueberry Blossom Farm is a privately owned family farm located just outside the city of Snohomish in Washington state.

Our farm is a family friendly U-Pick blueberry farm (kids welcome!), with just over 2 acres.
Normally blueberry season begins in early July and ends sometime in August or early September. The picking season can be hard to predict so we suggest checking the website for seasonal information and picking hours.

Dave and Sandy Baer

Farmers Note:

We are a u-pick farm and the berries are $2.00 per pound. We accept cash or checks, but no credit cards. For health reasons we are not able to allow dogs. We are running low on boxes, so if you still have your boxes...bring 'um on back and let's re-use them! Thank you. .